Is science important?

Science creates new technology, so yes, science is incredibly important.

You are currently reading this content on a device, the device you are using was once 'new technology'. Without science your device would not exist.

Do you use electricity?

Cooking uses electricity, the device you're using uses electricity to turn on a light switch, you are using electricity. Without electricity we would revert back to cave man times, cooking your food over a fire, hand sewing clothes made from animal skins, and transport will be 'you walking' from place to place.

Portable phones were once new technology, people marvelled at this technology they thought it was unbelievable, it was almost impossible to imagine a world where everyone had a phone with them 24/7. Today, it is almost unimaginable living without a phone.

Do you know what a typewriter is? When the typewriter first appeared on the market people were shocked at how such a 'marvellous' machine was invented. Today. we now view the typewriter as old and outdated technology.

This is why science is important, it creates new technologies.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality are now considered to be the new best thing. Science covers a multiple of areas such as creating prosthetic limbs, quantum computing, self driving cars the list is never ending.

To benefit from Science we need to actually understand and study science.

In a few decades we will be using new technology that your 'peers' created, this technology will be revolutionary and we will not be able to live without it. What will that new technology be? Can you already imagine it? We are living in an exciting time!

Is science important?

This is a question you have to now answer for yourself.