Why are life skills important?

Meeting every day challenges in life can be difficult, especially for those who are not adequately equipped with the right knowledge. Our environment, today, is constantly changing; the economies are changing, the environment is changing, technology is changing. The latter of which is impacting education, the workplace and our home life.

To keep up with the changing environment students need to learn new skills, such as personal development to learn how to deal with stressful situations and learn how to manage their emotions, as well as other core skills.


In everyday life, the development of life skills will benefit students in the following way:

  • Finding new solutions, learning how to solve problems in a calm manner.
  • Take responsibility for their actions, knowing the consequences of their actions and not blaming others.
  • Confience and self esteem building.
  • Analyse the options available to them and understand why they are making that decision.
  • Developing self awareness and appreciation of others.


After graduation lots of students will struggle to get gain employment. Even if their received good grades. Employers today, are not just looking for academic achievements but they instead require employability skills, these include:

  • Being able to manage ones time effectively, problem solving and understanding the difference between a school and business environment.
  • Being a good team player.
  • Time management and people management.
  • Being able to adapt quickly into different roles and maintaining a flexible attitude in a working environment.
  • Lead by influence.
Every one has the chance to make a positive impact on our local and wider communities. Learning life skills will always positively affect and benefit the world we live in today.

  • Being culturally aware, this will make international relationships easier.
  • Understanding why diversity is positive, creativity developes when living in a tolerant society.
  • Negotiations skills and the ability to network and empathise will help build resolutions and tear down any resentment.