Our Membership Community is made up of individuals and companies who believe in the power of education across the world. Collaboration is key to deliver a good solid education for every child globally, by joining us we can reach more children worldwide to ensure they each have the opportunity to educate theirselves, making a positive impact on their lives. We are striving to build local and corporate partnerships to roll-out our education platform to those who need it the most.

How you can help

Individuals who support ScholarKid make financial commitments at different levels, starting from £2,500

Our members play a vital role in helping ScholarKid deliver education to some of the world's poorest and remote parts, transforming lives allowing each child to receive a solid education.

The Advantages of being a member

  • Regular updates on the work being done
  • Tailored events throughout the year to learn more about our work in the U.K. and world-wide
  • Be listed on our website

Want to join?

We are keen to work with individuals who care deeply about the development and education of children. If you would like to find out how to join our membership community please email us. [email protected]

Our members play a vital role in helping ScholarKid deliver Education globally. The support of our community has helped us fund projects, build new relationships and raise the profile of our mission globally. We thank everyone is and has been involved. Email [email protected] to find out how to join.

Help Educate a Child

Your donation might not change the world, but it will change the world for one child. After launching in 2017 we have expanded to countries across Asia and Africa. Our education program helps children across the world. Today, there are plenty of children who have never seen a classroom, they have no opportunity to attend a school, they miss out on opportunities that are taken for granted elsewhere in the world. Some children are lucky to attend a school, but they end up dropping out as the classes are overcrowded, the teachers are overworked, and the overall education is poor. These students are robbed from learning.

There are lots of reasons why a child can not or does not attend school, they could be from a poor family who are unable to afford the costs associated with school attendance, conflict, environmental disaster or they could be living in a rural area where there is no school. In the west, children are losing out too. Students who are from poor areas are less likely to perform well at schools as opposed to their wealthier peers. Low literacy and numeracy are linked to unemployment or at best alow paying wage. We work tirelessly to help students receive an education in both the core curriculum and key skill courses.

ScholarKid is establishing an outreach program, we enter areas that are both dangerous and difficult to reach bringing education to those who need it the most. Allowing each student to take the opportunity to educate themselves so they can make their own mark on the world.

100% of your money gets deployed within two weeks of receiving your donation. Your money is spent on education, no money is wasted, no tax is paid. 100% of your money goes to helping educate children globally.

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Our members

Alexander Levene
Amy Haddad
Brenda & Donald Strauss Foundation
Bryan Cohen
Bryan Cohen & Partners
Diana and Frederic Friedberg
Gregory Cain
Ian Humphreys
Ingrid Goldberg
Julien Collet
Jim Charnley
John Walters
Linda Lam Chu
Katherine Handcox
Monica Gillini
Maya Sheikh Mohammed
Peter Decaux
Sanjeev and Preety Patel
Sarah and Robert Studds
Sumrina Nawaz
Shirley Leung
Tatyana Popova
Tim Robinson