Our Membership Community is made up of individuals and companies who believe in the power of education across the world. Collaboration is key to deliver a good solid education for every student globally, by sponsoring us we can reach more students worldwide to ensure they each have the opportunity to educate themselves, making a positive impact on their lives. We are keen to build local and corporate partnerships to roll-out our education platform to those who want it.

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Corporate sponsorship is necessary to keep our platform running for free, please contact us at [email protected] for more information.

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Alexander Levene
Amy Haddad
Brenda & Donald Strauss Foundation
Bryan Cohen
Bryan Cohen & Partners
Diana and Frederic Friedberg
Gregory Cain
Ian Humphreys
Ingrid Goldberg
Julien Collet
Jim Charnley
John Walters
Linda Lam Chu
Katherine Handcox
Monica Gillini
Maya Sheikh Mohammed
Peter Decaux
Sanjeev and Preety Patel
Sarah and Robert Studds
Sumrina Nawaz
Shirley Leung
Tatyana Popova
Tim Robinson