Home Schooling Bullying

The United Kingdom alone has seen a 65% increase in children being home educated. The reasons are all very different, special needs, bullying, lifestyle, large class sizes and religion. Home education is becoming a more popular choice worldwide.

The large class sizes can often inhibit learning for lots of students, although many students thrive in such social environments there are a few who do not. At ScholarKid we allow students and teachers to interact with one another encouraging all to answer and ask questions in the Q&A section of each lesson.

ScholarKid allows each child in our ‘global village’ to access the world-renowned British Education.


50% of students in 2016 reported being bullied. Bullying is on the rise, and it does not stop when school finishes it continues on social media.

Bullying can affect a student’s self-esteem which can inhibit their learning this will have a major impact on their life. Some schools handle bullying very well, however, for some students it is best to withdraw from a school fully.

ScholarKid provides a course on Personal Development this allows each student to understand their emotions and cope with them in an appropriate way.

ScholarKid tailors each school to align with the National Curriculum of the country we have a broad curriculum choice taught by excellent, experienced teachers.

The cost of online school fees can be prohibitive but at ScholarKid we have kept our prices to a minimum allowing as many students as possible to login and start learning. We run our school on a monthly subscription, each student can cancel at any time.

ScholarKid can be a safe environment allowing students to interact with each other through the Q&A section in each lesson. Each student can be fully engaged in their learning without the distraction of outside influences.