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Jennifer Saunders, an Actor

Jennifer Saunders is a household name and a very successful female comedian. I asked her what it is like working as a 50 plus female comedian given that most presenters today are under 40. “It doesn’t concern me, but I do believe we should be working on equalisation. Older women are a dominant...


Will Alsopp, Famous Architect

All Design was started in 2011, during a particularly difficult recession. But according to Will it was the best possible time to set up their new office. He comes with over 25 years of practice and is well connected within the industry. Will states that he is not trying to find new clients;...


Andrew Hynard, Estate Management

Andrew Hynard is running one of London’s biggest real estate companies in London, Marylebone. He recently joined as the new Chief Executive, He talks to Scholarkid about his vision, how he got into property and the importance of community. “I believe my father had an influence on me from a...


Scott Lawrie, an Architect

Scott Lawrie has won several awards for his work including the prestigious AIA Design Award. He studied architecture in Aberdeen and Chicago. Scott recently left Alsop Design and joined Curious Architecture a Scottish Architect firm. He opened the London office earlier this year. As well as...


Night Club Owner, Fred Moss

We met with Fred Moss, Founder of Maddox Nightclub, Aura, Chinawhites, Icini, to name a few on a wet Sunday afternoon. His nightclubs have always proved to be a big hit in the Central London scene, with celebrities flocking to them as soon as they open. I expected Fred to be the kind of guy who...