There is one word that will make you instantly likeable, do you know what it is? This one world has been scientifically proven to make anyone more likeable in the eyes of the person they are addressing.

That word is the person's first name who you are talking to!

Something so simple really does make a big difference, using someone's first name when speaking to them has been proven to make you appear more attractive and friendly to that person.

And guess what, brands such as Apple have caught on to this. When the staff interact with clients they use the clients first name. Especially when they are selling something or if a transaction is going to happen.

This small personal detail in a conversation can have a powerful effect.

Research has shown that parts of your brain are activated when you hear your name being spoken. When you next have a conversation with someone, whether you know them or not, use their name and see how they react. To remember someone's name, you should first ask them for their name and repeat it back to them early in the conversation. You should also associate their name with someone else who has the same name or something that will help you make a mental picture of their name.

Start impressing the people you interact with.

Use their name in any form of communication.