Every adolescent can be creative, whether they believe theirselves to be creative or not. Creativity can manifest itself in lots of different ways. It is important to create a positive and safe environment where a teenager can express and explore their creativity.

Being creative has proven to be an important factor in a young person's development, research has shown that being creative is a useful tool to express one self, it can help a teenager understand their thoughts and emotions as well as those of others, creativity can make them more empathetic. Empathy helps build relationships.

Creativity doesn't come naturally to everybody, sometimes it has to be pulled out from with in the person, you should encourage yourself yourself to dedicate a set amount of time every week to 'study' or be creative.

Creativity should be part of the standard curriculum.


A list of reasons why creativity can help you.

1. Emotional development

When you played as a child you often expressed your emotions, you perhaps didn't realise this at the time, it helped you explore the world around you. You can express your creativity in a number of ways, this can be through an art project, music, fashion or even theatre any outlet will work as long as you enjoy it. When you start dedicating time to being creative you will notice the change in your mood, most people become happier and freer as a result.

2. Future

Showing an employer that you can be creative will go in your favour, the job market has changed and people are now looking for someone who can be creative rather than just a specific skill set.

Innovation is linked to creativity and employers are keen to hire people who 'think outside of the box'.

3. Communication

Creativity can bring people together, sometimes you can connect with others who you would otherwise never have connected with.

Creativity can forge new friendships

Teenagers often hold back on being creativity out of fear of judgement and ridicule. You should learn how to adapt and become a more confident person. Lady GAGA was ridiculed by her peers for wanting to be famous, they even had a facebook page about her laughing at her. Well... look at her today!

Find a group of peers where you can explore new ideas and use creative concepts to help inspire yourself to get 'out of your comfort zone'. Your voice matters and you should learn how to promote it.Learn where your interest and passion truly lies, explore different types of art even if you think it won't interest you, you might learn something that you could apply somewhere else.

Steve Jobs took a caligraphy course, hence we now have different fonts on computers!

You should make creativity a core part of your overall learning experience, learn to encourage yourself to set a weekly time slot and explore different areas.

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