The power of linkedin is incredible, it can make a tremendous impact on a teenager's professional success. Yes! Teenagers.

Teenagers learning how to use LinkedIn and maximising its power now, will help them towards a successfull career later in life. In recent years LinkedIn allows anyone 13 or above to open an account.

If you haven't yet joined LinkedIn, now is the time.

A few reasons why you should be on LinkedIn.

Choosing a university or college, the majority of universities worldwide now have LinkedIn pages which provide a ton of useful information about the school. One of the most useful functions is the school's alumni, you can see where they live and what their job is.

University of choice, universities are starting to look at LinkedIn profiles to choose who gets through the admission process, the competition to get into a good university is rife, having a LinkedIn profile will give you a competitive advantage.

Internship or entry level job, having a LinkedIn profile can help employers select which candidates to interview. It will help you stand out amongst the crowd. Applicants worldwide are applying for the same jobs. LinkedIn helps your future employer know why you are the perfect candidate for the job.

Stand out from the crowd

Getting into the right mindset, Your linkedIn profile is your career management tool it is your public portfolio, you showcase your mindset from a young age. You show the world your achievements and update your professional story.

Get into the habit of documenting your accomplishments whether they are personal, school or your voluntary job.