Pieter Elbers the President and CEO of KLM (Royal Dutch Airline) is very happy.
2016 saw a huge increase in profits owing to cheaper tickets and the cost of fuel, which has dropped due to the low oil prices.

“We strategised, and the fruit of our strategy is now showing.”

Pieter’s first job at KLM in 1992 was Supervisor of Aircraft Loading at Schiphol (Dutch Airport). Since then he has worked his way to the top and in 2014 he became CEO.

His passion for KLM shines when he talks about his ambitions for the airline he is continually striving to the make the airline a more dynamic company.

KLM’s head office is located in the suburbs, Pieter looks out of his window across a 5km forest, of which the Schiphol control tower is just visible in the distance, he says “in order to keep growing we need to focus more on our clients, we are still a little behind our competitors but we remain confident that we will catch up if we carry on and continue to improve our service. We are continually striving to reduce our ticket fare. We are aiming to be the most client focused airline in Europe”.

Pieter is in charge of the overall strategy and he is responsible for the performance. KLM employs 32,000 members of staff, and has a revenue of £9 billion pound. KLM have a fleet of 150 aircrafts. They fly to 88 European and 71 intercontinental flights.

Easy jet and Ryanair have brought fierce competition to the market, I wanted to know how this continues to affect KLM. “Last year Ryanair had 117 Million passengers and Easy Jet had 73 Million. These two companies have only been around for 20 years and what they have achieved is simply incredible. KLM have to look at what both companies are doing and what we can learn from them. They focus on doing a few things very well; we no longer have the ambition to overtake them”.