Andrew Hynard is running one of London’s biggest real estate companies in London, Marylebone. He recently joined as the new Chief Executive, He talks to Scholarkid about his vision, how he got into property and the importance of community.

I believe my father had an influence on me from a young age as he was a surveyor, so property is in my blood. I wanted to follow in his footsteps and become a surveyor too. The idea of going to different properties and not being stuck at a desk was appealing to me. This set me on a path to Oxford Brookes University studying, and appropriately so, Estate Management. From early on I knew Commercial property was the area I wanted to focus on. I moved to London with high expectations and worked hard”.

After two years working in London, Andrew moved to Jones Lang LaSalle and stayed there for 3o years. He claims he made the move for a car. Something his first company wasn’t offering.

After dedicating 30 years at JLL he made the move to The Howard de Walden Estate. A few acquaintances contacted him and said he would be a great fit at the company, he knew the reputation of The Howard de Walden Estate was outstanding. He finally made the decision and switched. He hasn’t regretted it since.

Even though Andrew has been based in the West End for most of his career, the divide between south and north oxford street is huge. He knew some parts of Marylebone but once he started exploring the area, riding around on a Boris bike, that’s when he saw that there are still opportunities, that excited him

“I didn’t fully appreciate the greatness of our Harley Street medical area”.

“Having this world class medical area, is a true USP (unique selling point). Both National and International people know Harley Street it’s a great reference point. It is an important part of our portfolio and we continue to invest in it both short and long term”.

The Howard de Walden Estate is a privately owned business, and can be traced back for centuries.

“Being a family business we are focusing not only on short term but long term growth too, in order to achieve this we have to be dynamic and innovative. We are allowed the freedom of a long term view and this allows us to grow sustainably and consistently. We have a lot of responsibility on our hands, we own large chunks of property so we can influence what happens in our area and the culture overall. Some say we should diverse as we are putting all of our eggs into one basket, but I truly believe London is one of the world’s greatest cities and Marylebone on of the greatest areas. This gives me confidence in our focus”.

Andrew is passionate about Marylebone I tried to draw his attention away from facts and figures to something more personal. I went on to ask him if he ever received useful advice.

“When I first started at The Howard de Walden Estate, I met each and every member of staff over coffee and asked them their thoughts. There was a general consensus not to rush into anything, and even though I have plans and want to act on them, I have taken their thoughts on board and will liaise and listen to others before acting”.