Scott Lawrie has won several awards for his work including the prestigious AIA Design Award. He studied architecture in Aberdeen and Chicago.

Scott recently left Alsop Design and joined Curious Architecture a Scottish Architect firm. He opened the London office earlier this year. As well as architecture and interior design the practice will also include product and graphic design.

Curious Architecture are able to build across the spectrum of property from hospitals to hotels and have worked on UNESCO World Heritage sites.

I asked Scott which building in London he would knock down if he had the chance “Battersea Power Station, there is so much potential that can be unlocked, we just have to get on with it”.

Scott considered joining the RAF as a teenager, but with the help of his teacher realised that architecture was the best career choice for him.

With his creativity, imagination and practicality Scott has proved to be an asset amongst the architectural world.

Being a Scotsman I asked him about Donald Trump’s Golf Course in Balmeedy, Scotland. He worked on the first sketches at University; it was a golf professional who started the idea about 20 years ago. “This gives you a rough time scale as to how long something can take from inception”.

As a result of his reputation he has many people approaching him with projects. He doesn’t follow a standard design template. “When I take on a new project I don’t go in with any preconceived ideas. Until my team start talking to the client and really understand what they want, that’s when we start formulating our ideas.”

He would be quite enchanted by the idea of building something, which would be near impossible; he is confident that his team would take the impossible and make it work. “Almost anything can be done as different materials and different understandings are always emerging”.

“To be an Architect you have to be creative. Architecture has always been part of the creative community; design could be a chair or a table. People considering going into Architecture today should really do it for the love of it, if not have another think about dentistry”.